Hello, my name is Dušan. I am a Front-end Web Developer from Belgrade, Serbia.

Phone, laptop, mouse and glasses.


Currently I'm working in the retail industry. I'm looking for a software company to start career as a developer, here you can find my resume. In my free time I work on personal projects and write articles for my blog. At the moment I am not pursuing freelance work, but I'd love to get in touch if you need some help.



Front End Development is building out the visual components of a website. Using React for application development and many other technologies. For smaller applications I might use framework, such as React, or many other technologies.


picture of my blog



I like writing, so this is one way to express myself and enjoy the craft. This app was built with React, Redux, Firebase and SASS.

picture of my social media examination

Social Media Examination


Web app that get's data from a file, parses it and shows it in user profiles, which contains friends, friend of a friend and friends suggestions as well as some personal informations. This app was built with React and SASS.

picture of my notes applications

Notes App


Classical to-do list application with search bar and pop-up forms. This app was built in React, with Hooks. Also, I used SASS on this project.

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